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The full text of environmental impact assessment report form of newly added industrial electron accelerator irradiation device project of Sunway Co., published
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Sunway Co.,Ltd.Newly added electron accelerator irradiation device project for industrial use

The full text of the eia report is published


The main construction contents of project: Sunway Co.,Ltd., in the workshop construction of a 1.5 5 MeV electron accelerator irradiation plant room, the project is the total area of 208.9 m2, with a total construction area of 417.8 m2, room to install 1 AB1.5-60 type high frequency high voltage electron accelerator irradiation device (maximum 1.5 MeV electron beam energy, electron beam intensity maximum 60 ma, belong to Ⅱ radiation equipment), special cable irradiation processing used in nuclear power plants. "Sunway Co.,Ltd. Electron accelerator irradiation plant project environmental impact report form has been basically completed, according to the environmental protection department of the construction project environmental impact assessment of the government information publicity guide (trial), now will the project environmental impact report form (full) the way of the public informed as follows:

1. How and when the public can access the full text of the environmental impact report form

Within 10 working days from the date of publication, the public can obtain the full text of the report form through the following link or email.

2. Scope for public comment

This publication is for public comments on the full text of the project of "new electron accelerator irradiation device for industrial use by Sunway Co.,Ltd.".

3. Specific form of soliciting public opinions

The public can express their opinions by sending E-mail, making phone calls and mailing letters. The construction unit and the environmental impact assessment agency will give the explanation of whether to adopt or not in the final environmental impact report form according to the public opinions.

4. Contact information

(1) the construction unit of the project: Sunway Co.,Ltd.

Contact person, phone number, email:

Liu Gong 0833-2197390 47117958

(2) environmental impact assessment agency: sichuan nuclear industry radiation test and protection institute (Sichuan nuclear emergency technical support center)

新增工业用电子加速器辐照装置项目 - 副本.pdf