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Sunway Co., committee celebrate the 98th anniversary of the "7.1" theme activities
The number of browse:299The Publishing time:2019-06-19

On June 17, Sunway Co., Ltd., expanded to senior party committee meeting, launched "hearts to the party, the July 1 tribute" to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the series of theme activities, inherit and carry forward the party's fine traditions, give play to the role of party branch fighting forts and cutting edge exemplary role of party members, led by full speed development company "high quality". Sheng yewu, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the company, had a party lesson on the theme of "implementing the education requirements of the theme, fighting with one heart and one hundred million goals" and made arrangements for the series of theme activities on "celebrating the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party".

At the meeting, ShengYeWu conveys the central, provincial party committee "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" theme education related conference spirit, emphasis on the "beginner's mind, bear the mission, to find the gap, grasp the implementation of the" theme education general requirements, call 161 party members to act as the company "locomotive", "high quality" development goals and tasks, the staff of solidarity led the sprint "6.30", the contrast in the first half of the business development goals and performance indicators, in revenues, profits, cash collection, cost, quality, efficiency, etc, to find the gap, to find problems, looking for ideas, methods, race against time to win technical battle, battle time efficiency and profits, Prevent capital risk, supply chain risk, management risk, pay attention to new personnel training, professional training, management training, to build the company's "high-quality" strategic development of the new engine.

Sheng yewu pointed out that the communist party of China has gone through a glorious course of 98 years since its birth. Along with the party's 98 years of wind and rain course, bathed in the wind of reform and opening up, Sunway Co., Ltd.has also gone through 16 years of extraordinary development road.

Company party organizations at all levels should take "to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the" series of theme activities as an opportunity to tree prison "four consciousness", "four confidence", resolutely do "two maintenance", organize various activities, to enhance the broad masses of party members of the party spirit cultivation and the party members' consciousness, enhance the party's organization, cohesion and centripetal force, make the celebration, propaganda, broad masses of party members organizational learning practices "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" theme education of specific measures, form the "party (hereafter" powerful momentum, booster company gear upgrades, new development stage.

Shengyewu announced that Sunway Co., Ltd."celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party" series of theme activities officially launched. In accordance with the deployment of the event, party committee will undertake a long march road "again" theme practical activities, organizing a party history knowledge competition, play "war Wolf 2" "much my kingdom" and so on one batch of red theme movie, for a number of advanced party organizations and outstanding party members, carry out a model of party discipline in mind, be honest focused learning education.

Each party branch should hold a "big discussion of emancipating the mind" democratic life, carry out a "party building and enterprise" theme party day activities. All party members should actively participate in these activities, but also with a hundredfold of the spirit into the work, ahead of time to blow the sprint annual target "assembly", drive all staff to fight together "high quality" annual development goals.