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Sunway Co.,Ltd. accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing
The number of browse:404The Publishing time:2019-04-29

On April 26th afternoon, full-time Brian Chen, deputy director of sichuan province informatization office, the province economic and information hall information commissioner shao-kun li, full-time, deputy director of the office of the provincial radio Liao Xiande etc to Sunway Co., Ltd. Visit, research enterprise intelligent plant construction, and leshan digital Vincent wai lam, deputy director of economic development board and related department heads, as well as general manager ShengYeWu ShangWei shares in industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing topics for discussion.

Chen wentao and his team visited the "core" digital experience center of Sunway stock intelligence, and got a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise's development history, r&d system, high-end equipment, manufacturing process, product structure and other conditions through 3D virtual technology. During this period, the research group also listened to the introduction of the experience and achievements of the company's intelligent manufacturing project team, and affirmed the company's experience and achievements in enterprise resource management (ERP), manufacturing execution (MES), advanced scheduling (APS) and other aspects of intelligent manufacturing information system construction and industrial Internet.

At the symposium, Sheng Yewu introduced the company's intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the overall plan deployment. He said that shanwei is accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing projects around the direction of "lean, high-end, intelligent and international". The projects mainly include lean management, information integration and equipment technical upgrading. He said that information integration with "data integration" as the core is the core of the smart manufacturing project, the company has established a partnership with Siemens, the global smart manufacturing consulting and services expert, to ensure that the project is advanced with high standards, high standards and high quality. He hopes that relevant government departments can provide more support and help in the process of upgrading the smart manufacturing of enterprises.

Chen Wentao highly appreciated the company's achievements in intelligent manufacturing. She pointed out that the smart manufacturing project of Sunway Co.,Ltd.has clear ideas, prominent key points, remarkable results and effective measures, and is at the forefront of the manufacturing enterprises in sichuan province, which has important reference value for improving the level of industrial Internet and smart manufacturing in sichuan. She stressed that the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing are the only way to upgrade the current manufacturing industry, and the "fair experience" of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing has important promotion significance. She hopes that shanwei will further strengthen its relations with relevant government departments, strengthen cooperation with universities in sichuan university and other provinces, accelerate the construction of industrial information interconnection platform, and help the development of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry in sichuan.


Chen Wentao (second from left) visits the smart core experience center